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The connection between being physically fit and being sexually fit is not a difficult one to make. After all, lovemaking requires energy, dexterity, flexibility, and good health, and all these qualities are more common in people who are in good physical shape.

Not only that, it's also been shown that people who are active often have better mental outlooks on life. They are more positive, cheerful, and seem to enjoy life more. They have a sense of self-confidence and pride in their appearance that is conducive to good relations with others, including the opposite sex.

The best form of exercise for cardiovascular health is "aerobic," meaning exercise that uses the large muscles that stimulate the heart to pump blood throughout the body. When performed for at least twenty minutes three or four times a week, aerobic exercise helps to promote cardiovascular health. Examples include:

brisk walking

Other, less strenuous activities, such as golf or slower walking, are also beneficial and may be good choices for older people. Why aerobic exercise? Because it increases the flow of blood in the body and also requires stretching and flexibility.

But if you want to have a really effective program, you should combine aerobic exercise with weight bearing exercise, such as weight-lifting, either freestanding or with a machine. In this way, you get both the cardiovascular benefits of aerobics (better circulation, stronger heart and lungs) and the muscle-building effects of weight-bearing exercise (greater physical strength).

Before you begin any kind of exercise program, however, it is very important to check with your physician. Sometimes people have undiagnosed medical conditions that could make vigorous exercise dangerous. Other people are not aware of their physical limitations and may easily overdo a new exercise program.

When you' first begin any new exercise, it is always important to start slowly. Never push yourself .Try five minutes a day the first week, ten minutes a day the next week, and so on until you reach twenty minutes per day or more.

You should be aware that there are also some dangers to excessive exercise. First and most obvious, it can make you too tired to be interested in sex. But a great deal of exercise over a long period of time can also cause changes in your body. In men, it can cause the testosterone level to fall, which also has the effect of lowering interest in lovemaking.

But with a sensible level of aerobic and weight bearing exercise, you will discover that it is indeed a myth that the body will inevitably fall apart with age. You can recover physical strength and flexibility, ward off the development of various diseases, and find greater enjoyment in your sexual activities.

While you are on an exercise program, you should still have regular checkups with your doctor. And be warned: If you ever experience shortness of breath or pains in the chest while exercising, you should stop and immediately consult your doctor or visit the nearest emergency room.

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